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Addressable announciator panel

Addressable announciator panel

Asenware D116 Remote Annunciator is used with FP10 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel. LCD screen with backlight makes it convenient to know the location of the event more precisely. D116 is provided using an 80 character, back-lit, alphanumeric display.
Information Messages includes for Alarm, Fault, Supervisory and General Conditions in a clear and
descriptive English Language. LEDs for Fire, Supervisory and Alarm are also provided with ACK
push button. From the Silence push button, panel and Remote Notification appliances can be silenced. D116 is fully complied with the requirement of EN 54-2 and EN 54-4. From Remote Annunciator, Notification Devices can be silenced and acknowledged to main control panel.

Asenware AW-D117 Addressable annunciator board is a 24 Zone Board, which can be configured
at the site as per the Fire Alarm System Layout drawing. It includes keyboard, Power LED and
buzzer. AW-D118 is extensions 24 zone board. Both can be used with AW-FP100 Series
Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. One AW-D117 can be connected with 4 pieces of AWD118
for maximum 120 zones.

- Two Lines of 40 Character each LCD
- LED Indication for Alarm, Fault and Supervisory
- Push Buttons to acknowledge the silence
- Lamp Test from Key Switch
- IP 30 Cabinet

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